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About the Bubbleology Shows

The Bubbleology Show with Miss T the Bubble Queen leaves audiences engaged and amazed with the science & art of the beautiful bubble, a perfect mix of entertainment and education.

As seen on on YTV, Treehouse TV, CBC Kids, Ontario Science Center, TVO Kids, The Wiggles, Juno winning Grimes video, Canada Days at Parliament Hill, Canada’s Got Talent, Ontario Science Center, St. John Exhibition, many years as a Story Book Gardens show and more has helped her show become a well-known family favorite show across Canada.

Miss T the Bubble Queen is the creator of all things bubbles. Bubble”OLOGY” means the study of bubbles for “OLOGY” means the study of therefore Miss T is a bubbleologist. As a master bubbleologist for over 18 years Miss T delivers a highly entertaining and widely praised Bubble Show performance. With her bubble-rrific charm, innocent comedy, educational aspects, ingenious bubble manipulations and artistic magic from intricate to mega huge this is a unique, original and fun experience that has become one of the most delightful and original shows imaginable to Canada.

Kids, teenagers, grown-ups, grandparents and even the never satisfied 16 year old’s will be utterly blown away and engaged in this one of a kind show!

Miss T The Bubble Queen brings her entertainment to a whole new level merging wonder, visual art, age appropriate science and magic all together in one bubble-fabulous spectacular show.


A choreographed whimsical, funny, educational and captivating speaking performance with ideas and solutions all correlating to various bubble tricks you never thought possible. See a bubble cube, bubble tornado, bubble carousel, flaming bubble, foam hats and people in a bubble. Ideas in shapes, (ology)the study of, be who you are, funny mix ups and even our natural world.


During the outdoor show guests will be surprised to see mega bubbles, millions of bubbles, a sky filled with bubbles, a foam bubble hat and more. A highly interactive show set to joyful music for I have noticed that bubbles create a magical and peaceful atmosphere that fully engages all the senses it creates a powerful recall memory of what they experienced at your event for years to come by making the simple beautiful again.


An option for when you don’t really want a show style format but rather an activated area within and/or around your event. When outdoor I move around with my wheeled bubble trolley that houses everything I need to create a joyful, whimsical atmosphere with bubbles. When indoor I am stationary where I continuously perform the most popular tricks. I may pull guests in to be in a bubble, aid in the trick or give a foam bubble hat or whichever trick I am performing at the moment.

My point in all my shows is to create strong magical moments giving guests a permanent memory of what they’ve experienced with my unique bubbles!!

Miss T the Bubble Queen

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What People Say about the show

Bubbleology with Miss T was an amazing show for our March Break Feature! Many children in the crowd had opportunity to join in on the fun. She had the children enthralled from the beginning to the end and it was both educational and entertaining

Kimberly Tuker

Kawartha Library

I send many hugs and a big thank you for all you did at our fair. It is so relaxing to know that you arrive, do your thing, entertain thousands, create memories and we don’t worry a bit about what you do!!! You perform above and beyond any normal contract. Thank you a million times for your hard work, we enjoyed having you!! Regards…Nancy

Nancy shipley

St. John Exhibition

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