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Types of shows we have:


The Bubbleology Show (Indoor)

Stunningly beautiful, mind-blowing, magical and hilarious for all ages; Miss T The Bubble Queen and her Bubbleology Show brings a magical show that is a bubble extravaganza of comedic, wondrous, silly, simple, magical with a mix of sophisticated bubble tricks.

Miss T the Bubble Queen the creator of all things that Bubbleology has to offer and master bubbleologist delivers a highly entertaining and widely praised Bubble Show performance.
With her bubblerrific charm, innocent comedy, ingenious soap bubble manipulations and artistic magic from intricate to mega huge this is a unique, original and fun experience that has become one of the most delightful and original shows imaginable to Canada.

Kids, teenagers, grown-ups and grandparents will be utterly blown away!

The Bubbleology Show, Bubble Show aka Miss T The Bubble Queen brings entertainment to a whole new level merging wonder, visual art, age appropriate science and magic all together in one bubble-fabulous spectacular show.

You will see the bubble carousel, bubble tornado, flaming bubbles, fog filled bubbles, bubble cubes, friendship bubble, bubbles filled with bubbles, see us create a bubble wall and magically make a hole in it that you can put your hand in and it won’t burst, the bubble that walks, watch an audience member step into our bucket of DOOM and try to blow a bubble out of the bubble while there in a bubble.

This show is packed with bubble tricks, fun magic and science manipulations, bubble art, excitement and always audience participation. We will even put your grandma in a bubble or better yet gramma and grampa. So be prepared for the best show you have ever seen!


The Bubbleology Show (Outdoor)

Outdoor shows transport you into the magical world of mega bubbles, billions of bubbles and ameba shaped bubbles floating above changing shapes and floating away back to their magical world.

We can put a bubble over you, make billions of bubbles in one swipe of our unique magic mega tools, we make mega bubbles that are up to 50ft long and hundreds of mega bubbles all around you.

Imagine a bubble the size of an elephant coming right at you or from behind you. No one can resist these bubbles; they tend to draw crowds from all over. We just don’t stop there we perform tricks like blowing bubbles inside of bubbles, grab a hidden bubble from inside a bubble, holding a bubble and making 1 bubble magically 2 bubbles, blowing bubbles from our hands and even depending on weather put a big mega bubble over you. Normally this is possible but yet if it is very windy sometimes not possible.

This show is different from an indoor show and any other show; outdoor shows are about the bigger the better, you will be astounded at the sheer size and length of these bubbles.

World record breaking mega bubbles will make an appearance during The Bubbleology Show Outdoors.


Fairs & Festivals

Imagine having your festival filled with bubbles. Not just an entertainer in one spot that guests have to make their way too, we bring the magic and entertainment to them. Bubbleology is a fantastic way to set a fantasy bubbly atmosphere at your fair or festival. Our Bubbleologists will entertain your crowd by intermingling and providing a bubblefabulous style walkabout show. Our bubble tricks will create a fun vibe and includes lots of bubble participation for people of all ages!

Our Bubbleologists can bring a unique twist to festival entertainment; we can entertain the masses all with one swipe. Just last year we were making bubbles at a festival and big bubbles blew their way to a woman travelling in her motorized chair. A bubble stopped, like it had a mind of its own, it knew she needed a smile; the giant bubble ameba wobbled before her very eyes, she lit up, her eyes were wide eyed and bright like a little girl seeing magic. She had the biggest smile and turned to me and said “that bubble moment made my year and thank you I needed that, it was magic”. This is what our bubble shows can do for your festival and it is why we do what we do. We bring magic, joy, wonder, amazement, memories, moments and more to any festival one bubble at a time.

Any of the shows listed here would work exceptionally well as a festival stage act, busking act, children’s stage act, wandering entertainment; you can have bubble fairies meandering about the crowd mesmerizing with magical bubbles, interacting with guests. You can have a bubble station, a bubble science centre, stand in bubble station, anything is possible to take your festival to that next level and create that memorable experience that will last a lifetime for any of your guests that experience Bubbleology.


Bubble Science & Education ( Schools, Libraries and Museums)

Bubbles are an engineering feet, during this performance learn how bubbles form, why they’re spherical, how to make a cube bubble, WHAT IS A BUBBLE, what’s inside a bubble and the science of bubble tornadoes – all of this is however related to the physical laws of our very own natural world.

While learning about the magic and wonder about bubbles we demonstrate an interesting and fun way to learn the science of bubbles. See us create a large bubble film and magically watch us make a hole through it, then mysteriously you can put your arm through and it won’t burst… Then let us explain what is going on… This is just one example, there are many more!

How can I create bubble shapes a cube, pentagon, octagon, learn to create your own bubbles shape.

Bubbles, no matter how you try always want to be a sphere but there are ways to manipulate the natural order of the bubble. We also create MASSIVE bubbles, bubble carousels, bubble volcanoes, bubble chains, SQUARE bubbles, stand inside an actual HUGE bubble tube, plus even see who can blow a bubble out of a bubble while in a bubble. Hard to say I know!!!!

We create performances for school settings, classes, museums, libraries, daycares and more.

We always bring the educational aspect to our Bubble Science Shows.


Big Stage Shows:

During our stage shows you are introduced to the magic, science, wonder and beauty of bubbles and what they can do. We create MASSIVE bubbles, magic bubble carousels, bubble tornadoes, bubble tubes, an impossible engineering feat of making a BUBBLE CUBE, we blow bubbles in bubbles,  see me try to break the world record everytime with a chain of bubbles 14 bubbles long then one of the highlights of the show is when audience members get a chance to be enclosed inside a bubble. During this part of we like to show who of 4-6 chosen audience members can blow a bubble out of a bubble while their standing in the bubble. Standing in an actual bubble is something no one has ever seen before and everyone always remembers!

The Incredibubble Sisters

With dazzling high tech lights, projection videos, stage props, and special effects we will reinvent your world of bubbles during our world-class Bubbleology big stage show “Incredibubble”. We provide adults and children alike with a tailor-made experience that’s truly unforgett-a-bubbleous! During our stage shows you are introduced to the magic, science, wonder and beauty of bubbles and what they can do.

Two Bubbleologists on stage simultaneously creating MASSIVE bubbles, bubble fill the entire stage, 2 long bubbles side from side and more. Then we also perform the magic tricks of the bubble sculptures, performing the magic bubble carousels, bubble tornadoes, bubble tubes, an impossible engineering feat of making a BUBBLE CUBE, even the flaming bubble trick, we blow bubbles in bubbles, the bubble caterpillar or chain.

We even have a portion of the show that is a glowing bubble spectacular. See us attempt to break the Guinness World Record for a chain of connected bubbles; 14 bubbles long, then the highlight of the show is when audience members get a chance to be enclosed inside a mega bubble tube. During this part of we like to show who of 4-6 chosen audience members can blow a bubble out of a bubble while their standing in the bubble.

Standing in an actual bubble is something no one has ever seen before and everyone always remembers! With the magic of special effects, lighting, our bubble expertise, crazy mega tools we bring to your stage an unforgettable show that no one will forget and no one has ever seen. Contact us today to confirm your spot for this is booked at least maximum of a year in advance for theatres, corporate events, festivals, grand fairs, weddings, traveling shows, art centres and more.



If you are sick of the same old birthday party entertainment than this is the act for you. The kids eyes are hanging on every bubble, starring in anticipation of what magic is going to happen here with the next bubble trick. We introduce the attendees to the magic, science and wonder of bubbles and what they can do. Have they ever seen a bubble merry go round, a bubble tornado, a BUBBLE CUBE, bubbles blown inside of bubbles, a friendship bubble where 2 kids make a friendship bridge where they join their hands above and we create on super massive bubble arch around the 2, or help in a bubble marriage trick where we magically turn 2 bubbles into 1 bubbles turn into one bubble or even better The Love Bubble where the husband and wife of the birthday child come up and I create a bubble bridge over the 2 or them.

The highlight of every party is when we have a competition to see who of 4 audience members can blow a bubble out of a bubble while their standing in the bubble. Standing in an actual bubble is something no one has ever seen before and everyone always remembers! For every party your Bubbleologist will arrive 15-20 minutes before the scheduled performance, they will either set up indoors or outdoors of which would be a pre-determined style of show that is made with the client prior to the event.
For the inside area we set up with carpet of about 5 feet wide by 8 feet long placed under our equipment. The Children are seated in a group on the floor, in the front of the carpet, when the show begins. The Bubbleologist normally will perform a 30 to 40 minute interactive show on the magic and science of with the grand finale where every child gets a chance to be inside of a Giant Bubble! Max of 15-20.
So be prepared for a birthday that will have guest talking about for weeks and even months!


Bubble Buskers, Fairies, Bubblestilts and walkabouts

Our themed Bubbleologists have the training and ability to transform a typical festival, the same as the last, and same as the past 50 years into a fantasy underwater experience like no one has ever witnessed before.
Some may have an event that is a specific theme, a special request, a unique approach, some hope to provide their attendees with a more unique experience at their event.
Well with these 4 options we have narrowed it down for you to make the right choice for your fantastic event.
We can provide costumed characters, fairies, angels, pirates, very tall characters, interactive walkabouts, buskers, all intermingling with the crowd bringing bubble joy to all creating that one of a kind ethereal experience. This selection has the ability to create a fun vibe always including lots bubbles, mega bubbles, bubble tricks, magic bring forth a bubble extravaganza for people of all ages!


Bubbleology Interactive

This was our creation after consulting with a client regarding a special request for their event.
After performing kids always want to see the bubbles, hold the bubbles, they want to make the bubble, touch the bubbles, have their chance in trying out our tools, blow a bubble in a bubble, even adults have questions about the science of bubbles, meet us and this is how it is possible with this Bubble station.
A marvelous new approach that invites everyone into our entire world and passion as Bubbleologists, a unique, special chance to get involved with the magic and science that us as Bubbleologists bring forth to the masses.


Club, Fashion, Tv & Media

Bubble Special Effects, Illusions, Ambient Atmosphere and more!

Our bubbles create a very original live action illusion to any scene, club atmosphere, photography effect, pop video or anywhere else. Imagine your event, commercial, gala, fashion show, magazine ad with magnificent mega magical bubbles and/or millions of bubbles encompassing the scenery creating that fantasy stage setting. Only produced with our live performers, we can create your vision of that magical element you are imagining.

You may have seen a commercial with amazing bubbles in them already well imagine yours.

Take it to the next level, be UNIQUE!


Why not bubbles instead of confetti? Bubbles and weddings go together harmoniously! They are meant for each other just as you 2 are! Our amazing bubble displays will be something you’ll cherish for all time and significantly aids in creating an atmosphere of love, beauty and happiness.
Are you searching for something a bit different? Don’t want to book another clown / magician/ princess? We will bring something new to the wedding atmosphere, a new kind of magic to excite, wow and entertain your guests and your wedding will give them a lasting memory!
Whatever your venue or idea we are glad to customize your bubble entertainment to make your day as perfect as possible.
We can offer:

  • Imagine your guests arriving to a beautiful bubble spectacle with bubbles magically floating everywhere at the venue. We help to create that dazzling beauty and bring visual entertainment that sets the scene from beginning to end. We have helped create beautiful weddings and helped set the romantic scene. Great for photo opts.

  • We can even offer a table roving entertainment – like a magician would do, but with bubbles! We wander around to each guests’ table, exciting them with our unique bubble magic and tricks! Wands in one hand solution in the other, we have specific tools and a custom belt set up just for this type of roving entertainment.

  • If you want something to keep the kids occupied and entertained as well as entertaining the adults if they so wish. Any type of show in our list of options works for here.

  • Also popular is BUBBLE BOOTH where we invite anyone to be INSIDE a giant bubble, this is the photo opt. Guests stand in the bubble while we take a picture and print it out on site. Or they can even have their friends take a picture.
    A wonderful keepsake memory and moment off which is a perfect way to remember your event for years to come.

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