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Consulting & Branding

Here at Bubbleology Show we are actually expert Bubbleologists with a vast expertise and insight into all things bubbly! So if you have a question, idea, concept, photo shoot, and study just ask us the bubble experts! From how to fill an ice rink full of bubbles, special bubble close-up shots for commercials, live bubble action for a bubbly ambient atmosphere, advertising to create a driven and motivational bubble experience.

We are happy to work with producers, stage developers, directors, photographers, advertising teams, CEO’s, marketing teams and event managers to create something leading edge and innovative that ties in with what you are offering or hoping.

If you need an answer about bubbles ask us, want to attempt a world record with bubbles ask us, want to fill a stadium with bubbles get us to help.

Shopping Malls

Our dazzling entertainment will definitely bring that bubble flash mob to your mall.

We all know the success a Bubbleology experience will bring as we have experienced this many times in the past.

They have a knack in attracting large numbers of people to the venue that will 100% benefit all the businesses involved. Bubbles have an incredible UNIVERSAL appeal that covers all ages, creeds and cultures and will inspire and excite whatever your target market!

Generally we find stage shows to be the most successful in drawing a crowd and are the perfect way to promote. Shows typically last 45 minutes and you can offer repeated performances.

Corporate Events

Want to create HYPE about your company, brand, location, venue, festival or new product and make it a talked about event?

We have seen firsthand how successful bubbles can be in attracting attention and have done this already for a wide range of clients. If you can just imagine the wonder that someone would have when they see our mega and millions of bubbles, they cannot resist finding out where they are coming from, what is happening and of course WHO is doing this and that would be YOU!

We will customize our performance to suit your needs. Whether you’re hoping to create some eye-catching entertainment to magnetize and intrigue public attention towards your launch or event. We can even help generate exciting worldwide advertising and PR with bubble antics, feats or art.

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