q & A

do you have your children’s vulnerable sector police check to work with children?

Yes I do 100%!!!! I find when working with children this is so very important, every and any person working with children should have police checks and be asked to provide it!!!! Daycares do, schools do, bus drivers do why not child entertainers for we are always working with children.

Does everyone get a chance to be in a bubble or participate?

During the indoor show many guests get the chance to participate in various tricks.

Throughout the show and right from the start 1 guest is chosen to try to blow a bubble in a bubble after my demonstration, 1 guest to pop a volcano bubble, 1 guest for “become best friends with a bubbleologist” trick, 4 contestants are chosen to stand in a bubble to compete in “blow a bubble out of a bubble” trick, 2 guests to stand in a bubble arch for the friendship bubble, 1 in the sealed bubble dome, and then we see how many you can actually fit in one singular bubble, we start with 3, then 4, then 5 and finally end with an attempt to break a world record with 6 people inside one bubble. So in total there are 28 portions for epic audience participation.

During an outdoor show which is a highly interactive show and is totally opposite to an indoor show. It is 100% audience participation with bubbles blowing all over the area that you are interacting with creating a feeling of joy and whimsy in your heart by their beauty and peacefulness. There are also other portions in the show to interact when Miss T shows and demonstrates how to blow a bubble in a bubble, you may be chosen to get a foam bubble hat, get a foam bubble high five, also if the wind is just right be picked to be put in a bubble by me pulling a bubble over you. Don’t worry you won’t float away.

Refer to my video page to see video of what you can expect in regards to some portions of the shows and video #4 demonstrates Miss T’s whimsical, fun and kind personality. https://bubbleologyshow.com/media-2/

Is it interactive?

Yes! Definitely and Highly, The Bubbleology Shows are interactive. Firstly they are bubbles and they do tend to make their way to the audience. During the indoor show as mentioned above in the “Does everyone get a chance in a bubble and participate” section some portions I did mention. In addition to those, I engage with the audience members by asking questions about science, shapes, what are you great at, what is a bubbleologist, counting downs, team work, what does a volcano do, who has seen a tornado live, can you be tricked, yell yes if you see the bubble cube and other sayings as a part of the choreographed bubble show. Some say I am a child whisperer keeping the children fully engaged for the entire duration of the show no matter what the age. Whatever age is highly engaged in the show 1 year olds, 6 years olds 10 year olds, even the never satisfied 16 year olds also parents and grandparents alike.

If it is an outdoor show everyone gets a chance to interact with the bubbles, the wind allows 100% of the bubbles to make their way to everyone at the event, it fills the entire area with joy of bubbles. With my 10ft custom wands not just guests in the front get to experience the bubbles but even guests in the way way back get the same experience as close up participants.

Plus audience members are shows how to hold a bubble, blow a bubble inside a bubble, they may receive a foam bubble hat, watch as I catch a bubble in mid air like magic an present it to a guest that may be shyer or unable to be close up to the show and if the wind is just right I may choose you to have a bubble pulled over you to be enveloped in a bubble.

How long is the show typically?

The shows typically are 45 mins long, but I can perform multiple show sets in the same day, you can have 2, 3, 5 or more sets in a day. Plus events benefit when booking multiple shows as you receive a discounted rate when booking more than 2 shows in the same day.

how long is set up and take down?

Indoor show set up is typically 15 – 20 mins so I arrive 30 mins before the show to set up and take down is the same. An outdoor show is 10 mins I find the area I am performing, unravel my wands, turn on my music, open my bubble container and away we go.

How much space is needed?

For an indoor show typically a space 8 x 8, 5 x 7, but can modify it all the time and work with what you provide.

During an outdoor show you want a safe area for kids for they do run around and chase bubbles blindly yet I am very good at paying attention to children’s safety for safety and creating joy is my #1 priority.

During an outdoor show you don’t really want hinderances such as low trees all around or right in a play park. My poles for an outdoor show are 10ft tall so being surrounded by 1000’s of people at a festival is not much of an issue for I lift my wands up and they make the bubbles and they make their way all around filling the area. Which is a super benefit for this helps in guests to spread out and just enjoy the bubbles rather than being right front and center.

Do we offer it in French?

Yes 100% full French, half French.

Oui! les Spectables de Bulles en francais.

Je suis parfaitement bilingue et je peux presenter mes spectacles entierement en francais. Generalement, dans toutes mes spectacles j’ai quelques mots en francais, mais je peut fair le specatacle toute en francaise.

Je suis tres fier d’avoir d’eleve ete eleve en parlant les duex langues officiels de Canada car je viens d’une famille francaise.

Nous sommes très fiers d’être soulevé français et d’être une entreprise entièrement bilingue dans nos deux langues officielles.

How far do I travel? Plus is there a charge for travel?

I am fine and dandy to travel anywhere in the world, of course travelling expenses may apply if more than 50kms of travel is involved.

Do we have to provide anything?

Not typically. I arrive on site for all performances 20-30 mins early for set up with everything needed for the show. Sometimes access to water is needed if I am doing many shows in a day, or a container falls over and empties. Sometimes I may require power or a microphone if its a very large event or room, my voice does travel far without one though. I find if its more than 150 guests then a microphone is a good addition.
If we are providing one of our big stage shows “The Incredi-bubble Show” than we do need all access to power for stage effects, lighting, sound system and a stage.

Do you offer interactive or teaching types of performances?

Yes I provide many types of shows for all types of events. Educational, instructional, be a bubbleologist and more, I can customize to fit any clients specific needs. Even ask me to create something entirely new related to bubbling and I am glad to do so. The more bubbling and bubbles I do the happier I am.

If the question is not answered here, feel free to ask anything I am glad to answer any questions, except of course my secrets :0)

Does it make a MESS?

Indoor Bubble Shows make no mess.

I come prepared with all the materials and tools required to provide a seamless no mess performance. As a part of the routine I perform on top of my professional carpeted stage area to protect floors areas only. A very few bubbles make their way off of the carpeted area only when I direct it. If a bubble does make its way to the non carpeted area the bubble is actually such thin microscopic film of solution that it would not wet anything that it pops by.

During an outdoor show bubbles to go on the ground yet evaporates and causes 0 environmental impacts

Is it Safe?

Our solution is 100% safe and biodegradable, made with the safest ingredients, environmentally safe for waterways as well.

Will you tell me your secret solution?

No! No! No! Definitely not! I will never tell the solution secret, I have developed it over the years and it is very top secret? Yet, as I am quite proud to be a bubbleologist I do love to answer any and all questions relating to Bubbleology but just don’t ask to divulge my secrets.

Can the shows be customized to suit my needs, idea and vision?

For sure, we customized our shows all the time to suit client’s needs; everyone has a different idea and need for their event so they are always customized. I have done social media picture stations such as seen at the Rose Picnic, roaming, club shows where I continuously perform the best tricks as people watch and walk-by or I pull them over to stand in a bubble, table to table, just a stand in a bubble photo op and many more ask and I can customize for your needs. Even tv, video and photography for ambient background beauty.

Can we request a certain costume to suit our event?

Yes of course. We are glad to meet the costume design needs of our clients. Currently I provide a bubbly fairy “Bubblearia”.

Do you post where your public shows are?

On social media I can post where I am performing for the public, but mostly the event does a great job in  advertising me and it’s easy to find. Just google Bubbleology Show or Bubbleology Show with Miss T the Bubble Queen and you will find where I am. You can find me online everywhere just search @bubbleologyhow on all platforms, youtube, facebook, instagram and twitter. Many events also tag me with @bubbleologyhsow so you can track me.

Is there a certain respect guests and audience members should adhere too?

There is a certain type of etiquette guests should always have when meeting any performer. Yet I am very good at guiding in any issues that may arise.

Never use their tools without asking, the tools take hours, days and even weeks on some tools so if someone were to access tools without permission or supervision and were to break it. I would have to create new tools that could take weeks to create and may cancel future shows since it is all custom made. We never burst someone’s bubble when they get their chance to be in a bubble. Always respect the bubbleologist space especially during an outdoor performance. If you are right at our bubble container you may accidentally empty it and the show is finished.

Or you may be not allowing the Bubbleologist enough adequate space to make those big magnificent bubbles that you love. A certain amount of space is needed to create those awe inspiring mega magnificent bubbles and millions of bubbles.

How young or old does a person have to be to be in a bubble?

They can be anywhere between 1 and 101. I have put babies that can sit up in a sealed bubble dome and I have put seniors with walkers in a bubble. I have put an awesome girl in a wheel chair in a bubble, a blind clown in a bubble, my pet chicken princess in a bubble and even a dog in a bubble. So if they are willing and able they can be inside a magical bubble.

Do you sell your solution and/or your wands?

Yes I do sell my premade solution in concentrate packs for you to make your very own mega bubbles at home. In addition when performing outdoors I do have a bubble solution fill station and for $2 you can fill a water bottle. If no merchandise table is there ask the Bubbleologist at the end of the show she or he would should have some available for purchase.

Does wind affect your show?

During outdoor shows I love wind yet during an indoor performance wind may be a factor for I am performing intricate bubble sculptures that are affected by even the slightest of wind.

What if the Bubbleologist wasn’t made aware of certain conditions, atmosphere, terms, or venue?

If the Bubbleologist on site is not made aware of certain conditions, atmospheres, terms or venue issues you are still required to pay the full amount, no refunds due to unforeseen circumstances. Yet I will of course try my hardest to do whatever and anything I can do make the show happen the best I can with the situation.

What affects your show?

During an outdoor show low power lines, trees in my area and any hinderances to the above space can cause the bubbles to pop faster and sometimes don’t get a chance to go to the audience. Strong wind or rain doesn’t affect an outdoor show I perform in the rain. During indoor shows any form of wind, so no fans can be on.

Are there any additional costs?

Additional costs are incurred when there is fees for parking, entrance, long travel expenses, overnight lodging may be required when travelling more than 3 hrs away, any additional payment for the long travel and/or airfare.

What if my child or person in a large audience doesn’t get a chance to be in a bubble?

I am sorry that there is only time for a few in a large audience to give and choose for the chance to be in a bubble or participate with the Bubbleologist. Feel free to book your showtime at your home for your own own chance to be in a bubble. Please understand this and don’t hold it against me or my performance. Or let me know before a show that it is your child’s special day so I can pick them.