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Does it make a MESS?

Indoor Bubble Shows make no mess.

Without exception we are prepared and have all the materials and tools required providing a seamless no mess performance. As a part of our routine we provide and perform on top of our protected and carpeted area only! No bubbles ever, unless we choose, make their way off of the carpeted area. No one gets wet and no bubble solution will wet or get on any floors.

If a bubble does make its way to the non carpeted area the bubble is actually such thin microscopic film of solution that it would damage nothing that it pops by.

Is it Safe?

Our solution is 100% safe and biodegradable, made with the safest ingredients.

Does everyone get a chance to be in a bubble?

Depending on the size of the attendees if it is a large audience normally we only choose 4-8 guests. If it is a birthday party of 15 we do usually offer them all a chance to be in a bubble.

Do we have to provide anything?

We arrive on site for all performances with everything we need for our show. Sometimes we ask for access to water and sometimes we require power for our microphone and music for the show depending on the show style chosen by the client.
If we are providing one of our big stage show “The Incredibubble Sister Show” than we do need all access to power for stage effects, lighting, sound system and a stage.

Is it interactive?

Yes! Definitely our shows are interactive; first they are bubbles they do tend to make their way. We choose audience members to participate in answering questions, counting downs, special sayings as a part of the bubble show. Plus 2 are chosen for the bubble marriage & friendship bubbles, someone is chosen to see if they can blow a bubble in a bubble and of course to stand in a bubble. Depending on the style of show and time, usually at the end after the show, I invite kids chance to hold and keep their own bubble.

If it is an outdoor show everyone gets a chance to interact for the wind will 100% allow the bubbles to make their way to everyone at the event, festival or where ever we are. Plus audience members are also chosen to be in a bubble, to hold a bubble and to blow a bubble in a bubble.

Will you tell me your secret solution?

No! No! No! Definitely not! I will never tell the solution secret, I have developed it over the years and it is very top secret?

Yet we are quite proud Bubbleologists so we do love to answer any and all questions relating to Bubbleology but just don’t ask us to divulge our secrets.

Can the shows be customized to suit my needs, idea and vision?

For sure, we customized our shows all the time to suit client’s needs; everyone has a different idea and need for their event so they are always customized.

How long is the show typically?

Our shows are typically 45 mins -1hr long.

We can perform 1 show or you can have 2, 3, 5 or more sets in a day.

How far do we travel? Plus do we charge for travel?

We are fine and dandy to travel anywhere in the world, of course travelling expenses may apply.

Also typically if no more than 150 kms there are no charges.

How much space is needed?

Typically we like to have a space 10 x 10 but we modify it all the time and work with what we have. We sometimes arrive and we have a space no more than 3ft x 3ft and we work with that when other times we arrive and we have an entire stage for us to work with or an entire football field to fill with our magnificent bubbles.

Do we offer it in French?

Oui! Certainement nous sommes fiers et heureux d’offrir des spectacles français.

Nous sommes également chanceux de disposer parlant s français, des clowns et des artistes avec tous nos services supplémentaires.

Nous sommes très fiers d’être soulevé français et d’être une entreprise entièrement bilingue dans nos deux langues officielles.

Can we request a certain costume to suit our event?

Yes of course. Plus we offer shows and bubble performers that are bubble, super tall bubble people, angel bubblers, scientist bubblers and more. We are glad to meet the costume design needs of our clients.

Do you post where your public shows are?

Of course we post all the time on Facebook where we will be, plus you can look at our calendar to see where we are and if it’s a public show.

Is there a certain respect guests and audience members should adhere too?

For sure there is a certain type of etiquette guest should have when meeting one of our Bubbleologists.

Never use their tools without asking, we work hours, days and even weeks on some of our tools so if someone were to access tools without permission or supervision and were to break it, we would have to create new tools that could take weeks to create. Plus it could force the Bubbleologists to not be able to perform certain aspects of your show or the next persons show; especially standing in a bubble everyone’s favourite part. We never burst someone’s bubble when they get their chance to be in a bubble. Always respect the Bubbleologists space especially during an outdoor performance. If you are right at our bubble container you may accidentally empty it and the show is finished.

Or you may be not allowing the Bubbleologist enough adequate space to make those big magnificent bubbles that you love. We do require a certain amount of space to create those awe inspiring mega magnificent bubbles and millions of bubbles.

How young or old does a person have to be to be in a bubble?

Well they can anywhere between 1 and 100. I have put babies that can sit up in a sealed bubble and I have put seniors with walkers in a bubble. I have put s super special girl in a wheel chair in a bubble, a blind clown in a bubble and even a dog in a bubble. So if they are willing and able they can be inside a magical bubble.

Do you sell your solution and/or your wands?

Why yes at some events you can find our merchandise table where we do sell our premade solution, wands and promo material for you to make your very own mega bubbles at home. If no merchandise table is there ask your Bubbleologist at the end of the show she or he would should have some available for purchase.

Does wind affect your show?

During outdoor shows we love wind yet during an indoor performance wind may be a factor. We are performing intricate bubble sculptures that are affected by a lot or some wind.

What if the Bubbleologist wasn’t made aware of certain conditions, atmosphere, terms, or venue?

If the Bubbleologist on site is not made aware of certain conditions, atmospheres, terms or venue issues you are still required to pay the full amount, no refunds sue to unforeseen circumstances. Yet we will of course try are very hardest to do whatever and anything we can do make the show happen the best we can with the situation. We will go outside, in a hallway, on a table no matter what we try to make it happen for we are proud Bubbleologists and bringing our brand of bubbling to the world is what we do.

Are there any additional costs?

Additional costs are incurred when there is fees for parking, entrance, long travel expenses, overnight lodging is required when travelling more than 4 hrs away or additional payment for the long travel, airfare. In addition if our tools or equipment happens to be damaged during a performance due to the guests then replacement costs would be added as well.

What if my child or person in a large or extremely large audience doesn’t get a chance to be in a bubble?

Were sorry that we only have time for a few in a large audience to give and choose for the chance to be in a bubble or participate with the Bubbleologist. Feel free to book the show for your own home for your own chance to be in a bubble. Please understand this and don’t hold it against us or our performance.

Do you offer interactive or teaching types of performances?

Of course we offer all types of shows for all types of events. School programs for a large audience interactive class where we bring out over 50 tools for all to use at different stations. As we stated we customize our shows or style or even are asked to create something entirely new related to bubbling and we are glad to do so for the more bubbling and bubbles the betterubbly it is.

If the question is not here answered feel free to ask us anything we are glad to answer any questions, accept of course our secrets :0)

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